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    All I can say about this game was WOW. I don't think an opening game could actually live up to the hype that surrounded it but by George it did. In the first college football game hosted at the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta the Crimson Tide of Alabama took on the Seminoles of Florida State in what was the greatest opening game of a college football season. The Tide came in ranked as the #1 team in the country playing against the #3 team in the country. This is the first time in several years two teams ranked in the Top 5 played against each other in the first game of the year. The first half wasn't much to write home except a true freshman being one on one against one of the best WR in the country in Calvin Ridley and was burnt for a beautiful pass for a TD from Jalen Hurts. Other than that the first half wasn't memorable other than finding out we are hurting for kickers. The second half showed alot of promise for the Tide. The defense had been flirting with picking off Florida State's QB and they finally did in the second half. I hate very much that their QB went down towards the end of the game and that he is out for the rest of the year. I just hope it doesn't ruin Florida State's season. This was a great game to watch especially in person. The new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta is marvel of architectural wonder. The outside looks amazing and the way the dome reacts is a site to behold but one of the most impressive features about the stadium other than a ton of food vendors is the halo video board that is the largest one in the world.
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    I was impressed with how we played. I do believe we left two touchdowns on the field. Hurts needs to work on his throwing, we can’t rely on his feet the whole season.
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    After thinking about moving The Power 5 to a Wordpress site after having decided to get out of forums and the fact I realized how much I hate Wordpress I have decided to bring back the forum format. I have decided to bring the site back using IP.Board as it feels more social and engaging at the moment than other products out there. With this version of the forum software the have introduced a Clubs system so instead of having forums for all the different teams I am going to setup clubs for each team so be looking for that soon. You will start seeing them on the main forum page once I start setting them up. I will update this thread as time goes on with updates to what’s going on.
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    Finally found a theme I like will get the logo sorted out soon.

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