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  2. news New theme available Power 5 3.0

    BTW the older theme is still available for use as well.
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  4. I have installed a new theme and have been working on it for a couple of days trying to get it hopefully just right. This theme doesn't have a slider like the other one but does have a user selectable header area background image. I have one for each Power 5 conference. Screenshots included. The above screenshot is of the header area background image. Below I will show you how to change it. Click the pencil image above and it will pop up a box like in the next screenshot. From here you can select one of the backgrounds as well as change the font you see on the site. Any questions feel free to message me or post a thread in the Feedback and Support forum.
  5. Is this guy serious?

    So apparently this guy thinks it's something big to "upset" Kansas State so he actually believes they have what it takes to beat Bama. Guess he hasn't heard about all the other teams that say "We want Bama". Vandy might keep it close for about the first quarter but Bama is too deep for it to stay competitive for much longer. Thankfully he won't have to wait much longer to get what he thinks he wants.
  6. news Clubs Feature

    All clubs (teams) have been setup. Still gotta add some additional images but atleast the clubs are setup.
  7. news Clubs Feature

    Still working on the clubs (teams). Was hoping to have had this done by now but I haven't been able to. I do have all SEC, ACC, and Big 10 teams added. Will get Big 12 and Pac 12 teams added tomorrow.
  8. WTH

    I know Colorado State is a somewhat decent Mountain West Conference team but to put up 23 points on us is unacceptable. WTH happened to our defense? I know we are down a few linebackers but I mean come on....... What's your thoughts @GRJoker?
  9. Tennessee vs Florida

    The Tennessee Florida rivalry is one of the most fierce in the SEC and one of the best in the country. This game is for bragging rights in the SEC East. No love lost between these two teams. A game that almost didn't happen today due to Hurricane Irma that ripped through Florida recently. I think the state of Florida needed this game to happen. The game was far from sold out but that didn't take away from how awesome the game was. Both teams played a hard fought every second counted type of game. It felt like neither team wanted to leave with an L on their record. With only a few minutes left in the game the Vols tied the game at 20-all and the Gators took possession with less than a minute left on the clock and I felt OT coming and the Florida QB made a pass that was a thing of beauty. He threw the ball downfield to his receiver that had a step on his man and caught the ball to win the game with no time left on the clock. If you missed this game you missed a great one.
  10. Clemson vs Louisville

    So it's that time of the year again for an ACC shootout between the Clemson Tigers and the Louisville Cardinals. A matchup of high octane offenses and stout defenses. A game that should decide the fate of who could win the ACC. I can tell you first hand that they are going crazy in the city of Louisville tonight with the reigning National Champs coming to town. I know this because I was in Louisville a little while ago and traffic was crazier than normal. After losing Watson to the draft last year I had all but written Clemson off for any hope at another birth in the College Football Playoffs. How can you replace a dynamic playmaker like Watson without taking a huge drop? Normally you can't but somehow Clemson is poised once again behind surprisingly strong QB play with their young QB. Now let's not forget about the young man running the plays at Louisville. Lamar did win the Heisman Trophy last year after all and he's looking like he wants to win it again this year. He's not looking back at some downfalls from last year and he looks to be poised for another run at the trophy that's awarded to the best player in college football. This looks on paper to be a pretty great game and I might just watch it. Just have to check the schedule and see what time the game is on cause I have to watch my favorite team after all. This game could go either way. It could be a low scoring slobber knocker or it could be so high scoring it resembles that of a basketball game and less of a football game. Either way I think it's going to be a good one.
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  21. Alabama vs Florida State

    I totally agree and he did basically the same thing last night against Fresno State. His passing has improved considerably since last year but he needs to keep getting better and better at his throwing and accuracy. I think he will get better as the season goes on. The team as a whole needs to start coming together quicker and start playing as a team. We can't rely on one or two players to carry each side of the ball. I know we lost a couple of key players in the FSU game but they need to start picking it up before we hit the heart of conference play.
  22. Alabama vs Florida State

    I was impressed with how we played. I do believe we left two touchdowns on the field. Hurts needs to work on his throwing, we can’t rely on his feet the whole season.
  23. Hey man welcome to the site.

  24. Oklahoma vs Ohio State

    I think anyone that knows me knows how much I can't stand Ohio State and how quick the media is always so quick to sing their praises especially for beating Indiana last week that gave Ohio State a run for their money and gave them all they could handle for the first half. Ohio State is really going to have a test this week against Oklahoma. While Ohio State is playing at home and that gives them a slight edge I don't think they are going to go out there and manhandle Oklahoma. If for some reason Ohio State does go out this Saturday and beat Oklahoma by an impressive margin then I may change my mindset about where Ohio State is ranked but I don't feel they are a #2 team currently. This game will also be a good test to see how they could stack up against the rest of the powers in the Big 10. Michigan lost a ton of talent but they look good, Penn State looks to have picked up from where they left off last year. I don't think Ohio State is going to roll through the Big 10 this year and the game Saturday will give everyone in the country a glimpse into the rest of the season for the Buckeyes.
  25. news Clubs Feature

    Instead of doing a forum for each team in the Power 5 this software allows for clubs so we are going that route. Clubs act similar to forums in that you can create topics under each club. I have several clubs setup currently and will have the rest of them setup in a few days as I have been trying to find a theme I really liked for the site and getting it setup and fine tuning it. So look for an update for when all the clubs have been setup.
  26. announcements Welcome to the new Power 5

    Finally found a theme I like will get the logo sorted out soon.
  27. Getting this site back up and going. 

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