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    Butch Jones and Tennessee


    I have quite a few friends that are Tennessee fans and I am sure they are wondering what in the world is going on in Knoxville right about now. What is going on in Butch Jones' head right about now after they got decimated at home by Georgia and not just decimated getting blanked on top of that. I couldn't imagine how the Vols faithful are feeling right about now. I'm guessing they are missing Fulmer right about now. 

    Something is going on in Knoxville right now. Butch has plenty of talent up there but for some reason he can't seem to get them to play as a team and it's hard to win when you don't play as one. As a Bama fan I hope they can make the Bama/TN game competitive this year as I'd hate to see another blow out. I was actually pulling for the Vols to have a good year this year and maybe they can turn it around.

    I'd be hard pressed to think Butch will be around much longer if he doesn't do something soon. Now if he somehow pulls one out of his a** and beats Bama he might keep his job but I don't know if that's gonna happen but he's gonna have to do something or he won't be around much longer wearing orange, white, and block T.


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    The Iowa Hawkeyes have done what most never dreamed they could do and that was rout the Ohio State Buckeyes 55-24. I know I never would have thought Iowa could have beat Ohio State that bad not saying I didn't enjoy seeing it though. Was very nice to see. What are your thoughts on the game?
    There are some changes coming soon to The Power 5 so be on the lookout for those but the biggest one that I can and will announce right now is I have decided after trying and buying/paying for several chat systems to go with Discord. I know what you are thinking "Discord is free" yes I know Discord is free but I hadn't really used it much and I hadn't had much luck with the application for IPS that syncs member roles between the two. Well I finally got that figured out so we are officially running on Discord for chat.  There will be some restructuring of the forums and the layout. While the "flarum" layout is staying meaning the tag based layout. It will be an option. I am going to setup the site with a more normal forum approach with an option for the tag based layout. I will be working on this in the next couple of days. You may have noticed the new theme on the site. Well this theme allows for the new forum restructuring. With the restructuring and the Discord integration there is a bot that will post updates of posts from the site in the channels on Discord. So sports related topics will go in the sports chat channel and site related topics will go in the general channel. So look for this to be coming soon.
    College Football Playoff Rankings RK TEAM REC TREND 1 Georgia 8-0 NR 2 Alabama 8-0 NR 3 Notre Dame 7-1 NR 4 Clemson 7-1 NR 5 Oklahoma 7-1 NR 6 Ohio State 7-1 NR 7 Penn State 7-1 NR 8 TCU 7-1 NR 9 Wisconsin 8-0 NR 10 Miami 7-0 NR 11 Oklahoma State 7-1 NR 12 Washington 7-1 NR 13 Virginia Tech 7-1 NR 14 Auburn 6-2 NR 15 Iowa State 6-2 NR 16 Mississippi State 6-2 NR 17 USC 7-2 NR 18 UCF 7-0 NR 19 LSU 6-2 NR 20 NC State 6-2 NR 21 Stanford 6-2 NR 22 Arizona 6-2 NR 23 Memphis 7-1 NR 24 Michigan State 6-2 NR 25 Washington State 7-2 NR   So the initial CFP rankings have been released and some have been shocked that the Georgia Bulldogs have come in at #1 while Alabama has come in at #2 and if history holds true from years past I feel sorry for anyone that Alabama has left on their schedule because they are going to be pissed for being disrespected. So what do you think about the first rankings?
    JT Barrett and the Ohio State Buckeyes got revenge on Penn State for beating them last year and ending their playoff hopes by ending Penn States playoff hopes. Ohio State was down by more than 10 points going into the 4th Quarter but somehow the Buckeye defense kept Penn State from being able to move the ball effectively shutting down Trace McSorley and Saquon Barkley. In the 4th Quarter JT was a perfect 16-16 passing which is very impressive unfortunately he is so inconsistent that it doesn't do much good to brag about it. If JT Barrett could/would play in every game like he did in this game then I doubt any team in this country could beat them.    View full article  
    For a second time this year the Iowa State Cyclones have defeated a Top 5 heck a Top 4 team. Just a few weeks ago they beat then #2 Oklahoma and then this previous weekend they beat #4 TCU holding them to just 7 total points. A team that is used to scoring over 30 points.....crazy huh? Iowa State is beating teams they shouldn't be beating. They are buying into what their coach is selling up there which gives the folks in Ames something to look forward to.
    Jim McElwain out as the Gators head coach as reported yesterday. This is crazy considering he is only in his third season there. Yes his team has had three straight losses but can he truly be blamed for that? His team as a whole is truly abysmal. I mean come on he did get the Gators to the SEC Championship Game his first two seasons there. I honestly thought Butch Jones would be the first SEC HC fired this year. I guess that just goes to show that Florida cares more about their football program than Tennessee does theirs. Tennessee fans take notice.......
    I totally feel where closed captioning is coming from here. I can't ever understand a word Coach O says so I don't know how any of his players can. He kinda reminds me of this guy below.   I know one is a fake character in a movie and the other is a real life coach and ironically both are in Louisiana.
    Even though I like the name Red River Rivalry better than Red River Showdown better (my guess they changed the name because of the overpaid tv announcers have a hard time saying the former) this game is always fun to watch even though I could care less about either team and I honestly can't stand Baker Mayfield even though he is a pretty decent QB. This one didn't dissapoint unless all you care about is if your team won. If you actually care about a good hard fought nail biting game then this was one for you. Of course Oklahoma won but Texas put up one heck of a fight no doubt about it. Hey with a freshman QB starting for the first time they got nothing to feel bad about that's for sure.  
    So with the Vols losing yet again today at home this time to Will Muschamp and the South Carolina Gamecocks how much longer will Tennessee keep Butch Jones around? With loss #3 in a row looming next week with the Vols heading to Tuscaloosa to take on the University of Alabama when will the Vols faithful and Administration finally say enough is enough and hand Butch his walking papers?
    On another weekend of upsets and as I heard earlier today a bad weekend for teams with cat mascots. The LSU Tigers have upset the Auburn Tigers at home in Baton Rouge. Auburn went up 17-0 and I for one thought here we go this game is over and Auburn is about to put it on them and lo and behold LSU came back and ended up winning the game. I'm not a fan of either team but as a fan of college football this was a great game.
      So wow other than the players on the Syracuse team who would have thought they could have knocked off the #2 team in the county tonight? I for one wouldn't have thought it could have happened. Now Clemson did make the playoffs last year with one loss to a Pitt team so we will see what happens this year but if Miami wins the ACC I doubt we will see Clemson in the playoffs.  
    Tomorrow is Homecoming for the Tide and the Arkansas Razorbacks are coming to town. Also the Tide will be recognizing the 1992 National Championship team. What's symbolic about this team you may ask? Well ever heard of a guy named Dabo Swinney? The coach whose Clemson Tigers beat his Alma Mater last years in the CFP National Championship game.  Word has it since Clemson is playing tonight that he will be in attendance for the homecoming game so my question is will it be a welcoming homecoming for the former Tide player? Will he be booed because of last years NC game or will be cheered for having been on the 92 NC team? Only time will tell.
      Most backup QB's don't get talked about much but then again most backup QB's don't have a name like Tua Tagovailoa which is pronounced the way I did in the title of this thread/article. Plus for a backup his stats aren't too shabby for the amount of playing time he's gotten. He's 18 of 28 for 218 yards. He's got a 64.3 completion percentage 7.74 yards per attempt with a long of 34 yard. Thrown for 4 TD's with no INT's. He has been sacked once. Coming out of high school in Hawaii he was listed as the #1 dual threat QB according the 24/7 Sports. I for one am glad he's wearing the Crimson and White of the Tide.   View full article  
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    With Saquon Barkley and Trace McSorley leading the Penn State offense it seems that they are the team to beat this year. Barkley is putting up huge numbers that might just win him a Heisman this year. I know if I was a voter I'd have a hard time giving anyone else my first place vote over him. He's putting up huge numbers and he's got Penn State undefeated and ranked #3 in the country currently. 
    Wow so Michigan State came to visit the Big House for it's first ever night game and made itself at home in a weekend of upsets.
    So the Florida magic came to an end in the Swamp tonight at the hands of the Tigers of LSU 17-16. Guess Coach O wants to keep his job in the Bayou a little while longer. I knew the magic couldn't last forever for the Gators.
    As anyone that watches ESPN College Game Day knows that they were live from Ft Worth, TX this morning from the campus of TCU and someone one of the big thing on Game Day is home made signs. I saw someone that took a pic from their tv that they had paused and thought it was pretty funny.    

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